Assorted Posters & Prints

Language Barrier

2017, published by Koyama Press
Language Barrier compiles work from my zines from 2012-2015, as well as new comics and drawings. Softcover, 5 x 7 in, 128 pages, color.
Available at your local comics shop or on Amazon

Acrylic & Tape Paintings

14 x 17 in
Acrylic paint, tape, and confetti on bristol

Nautilus Magazine

Cosmos - a special edition of Nautilus
Role: Layout design, type illustrations, web design

Select spreads from Nautilus’ regular editions
The Kekule Problem, by Cormac McCarthy
Role: Designer
Art Director: Len Small
Templates for the following spreads were designed by Point5

Illustrator: Don Kilpatrick III

When Climate Change Starts Wars

Role: Designer
Art Director: Len Small

Photographer: John Wendle


Set of 4 posters created for the 2016 election 
3-color screen prints,
10 x 16" 
Produced at Facebook’s Designer & Artist in Residence program