The New York Times Op/Ed & Editorial Pages

Roles: Art Direction and Design

Illustration by Monica Ramos

Illustration by Harry Campbell

Illustration by Cari Vander Yacht

Illustration by Lauren Tamaki

Illustration by Melinda Beck

Illustration by Jon Han

Illustration by Mike McQuade

Illustration by Alicia Adamerovich

Illustration by Rose Wong

Nautilus Magazine

Roles: Design & Art Direction

Cosmos (Special Edition)

Roles: editorial design, type illustrations, & web design

Even Physicists
Find the Multiverse
Faintly Disturbing

Role: Designer


The Kekulé Problem 

by Cormac McCarthy

Role: Designer
Illustrator: Don Kilpatrick III

When Climate Change
Starts Wars

Role: Designer
Photographer: John Wendle

Vote Posters

Set of 4 posters created for the 2016 election

3-color screen prints,
10 x 16"
Produced at Facebook’s Designer & Artist in Residence program

Facebook - 
Carl Sagan Poster 

1 color screen print on laser cut paper created at Facebook for the Designer & Artist in Residence program

Happy New Year!

Role: Lettering
AD: Rachel Been
Background illustrations by Lotta Nieminen

Happy New Year in 6 languages, for Google Calendar on Android

Miranda July Book Covers

No one belongs here more than you.
Stories by Miranda July 


More to come.