Visual Systems, 2019 - 2023
Art Director

Visual Systems is an internal creative team at FB App that makes digital experiences at the intersection of product and communication design
UI/UX- informed Art Direction, Illustration Systems & Guidelines.

Color guidance based in the intersections of Accessibility & DEI that prioritizes the legibility of all humans.

Typography-driven design and information heirarchies.

The New York Times

2017 - 2019. Opinion - Op-Ed, Editorial, & The Sunday Review. 
Role: Art Director
Artists featured here: Monica Ramos, Mike McQuade, Rose Wong, Alica Adamerovich, Lauren Tamaki, Harry Campbell, Cari Vander Yacht, Melinda Beck.c

Client: Nautilus Magazine

Roles: Art Direction, Design, Type Illustration

Editorial Illustration

Misc editorial projects.